We build websites, create logos and design print materials that get results.

Ebbeka Design Co. offers strategic solutions and creative ideas to benefit the vitality and growth of your business.

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We build websites, create logos and design print materials that get results.

Ebbeka Design Co. offers strategic solutions and creative ideas to benefit the vitality and growth of your business.

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We know how hard it can be to create great branding while running a business. We want to help lighten your load and help you build a brand that you can be proud of. And we know what we’re doing too. We have been in Lincoln serving clients just like you to grow and helping them reach their goals for over 20 years.

Are You Tired of…

• Feeling like the little guy

• Agencies that don’t listen

• A lack of professionalism with your marketing

• Missing potential customers

• Boring logos/branding

• Low ranking SEO

• Wasting money/Not enough ROI

• Work that doesn’t fit your brand

We Know

We know what we’re doing and we bring over 20 years of experience and expertise to every project.

We Listen

It is YOUR brand. At Ebbeka Design we work with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product matches how you see your brand.

We Care

We are in the business of building relationships, and will do whatever we can to help you reach your goals.

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🌟 It's time to introduce the newest addition to our Ebbeka Design team: our Summer Intern, Addi! 🎉 Addi comes to us from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and let me tell you, this senior-to-be is bringing some serious mojo to the table.

When she's not conquering the design world, you can find Addi hustling at a local coffee joint (we're still crossing our fingers for that free coffee hookup, Addi). Fun fact: she's a master at solving murder mysteries, and whoa, hold onto your Santa hats because she's part of a "family-produced Christmas album" 🎤🎄! We can't wait to jam out to those yuletide tunes, Addi.

With her whip-smart brain, killer design sense, and a work ethic fueled by enough caffeine to power a rocket ship, Addi is here to shake things up in the best way possible. Let's show Addi some love and give her the warmest Ebbeka Design Co. welcome! 🚀💪 #AgencyLife #GraphicDesign #Huskers #HuskerPower #LNK #UNLarts
The team at Ebbeka Design Co. noticed the sun acting a little shady so we hiked up to the roof for a better view. We were 83% impressed.
🎉 We’re celebrating two years of Lindsey’s magic at Ebbeka Design! 🌟 From organizing chaos to turning ideas into reality, she’s our project wizard 🪄 Thank you for your dedication, positivity, and unwavering awesomeness, Lindsey! 🎉 🥳 

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Fall in love with your website! 💕 We can help you create an extraordinary online experience that captures the attention of your team and customers. Invite us to review your company’s website today.

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We’ve seen our share of good SCC GD|MA interns over the years, but we have been especially lucky to have Ally Anderson on the team over the last few weeks. During a busy time, we’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at her and she’s responded by learning fast, doing some great work, and even teaching us a few things in the process. We think she’s got a bright future, and we wish her the best for the rest of the semester! Good luck, Ally!

@SCC_GDMA @SCCNeb #SCC_GDMA #SCCNeb #PeopleOfSCCNeb #LNK #haymarket #dtlnk #nebraska #agencylife #ebbekadesignco
We can’t help with your TPS reports, but our team CAN help improve your SEO! If your company is looking to get higher results on Google and you don’t know who to trust, give us a call. Our expert team makes it easy and relatable, and we don’t try to talk over your head with technical jargon. Don’t wait—give us a call today!
🎉 So long, 2023! We're ready to conquer new design challenges and team up with your business in 2024. Wishing you a Happy New Year from Ebbeka Design Co.! ✨

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🎄🌟 The tree is up, the lights are twinkling, and the holiday spirit is in the air! From all of us at Ebbeka Design Co., we wish you a holiday season filled with wonder, magic, and cheer. 🎅🏼✨🎁

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