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The greatest team ever assembled (since the ’95 Huskers). Our team of hardworking professionals is here to help with any problems you may have.

Amy Ebbeka


Like an air traffic controller, Amy is in charge of many tasks at any given moment in time. Between attending networking events, helping non-profits, responding to emails and coordinating projects, she is also keeping the entire staff on the correct path to complete their projects to her insanely high expectations. Clients love her. She’s easy-going, determined, honest, and full of an embarrassing amount of pop culture knowledge.

Bob Ebbeka


Bob had the crazy idea of leaving his design job and taking everything he knew to start the business 18 years ago. This proved to be a good decision—at least a better decision than his constant eating of cheese while being lactose intolerant. Not only is Bob the guy who keeps the business operating, he also handles the video and photography services. His desire to always be learning keeps him on the the forefront of new technology. Bob is also the guy in the office who can walk by a computer and instantly see a design element one pixel out of place. He is usually challenged on the matter but in the end, he is always right.

Cindy Reyes – Cortes


Cindy is a locally raised, proud Nebraskan. She loves listening to people talk about deep matters as well as spending time with her big family on the weekends. She loves reading and watching youtube tutorials to expand her knowledge. The feeling of not always learning something new gives her the feeling of shriveling up.

John Katzmarek


John has a genius-level IQ but had chosen to work as a janitor at MIT. While solving a difficult graduate-level math problem, his talents were discovered by Bob and Amy, who decide to help the misguided youth reach his potential. When John was later arrested for getting in a street fight, Bob and Amy made a deal to get leniency for him if he gets treatment from therapist Robin Williams.

Kristen Labadie


Kristen will be a senior this Fall studying Graphic Design and Advertising and Public Relations and is hoping to graduate sometime next year. She carries two scrunchies with her at all times and oddly enough, she really enjoys working out at the gym. When Kristen is not working or doing her endless amount of school work she can be found randomly driving around listening to her new Spotify playlists or spending too much money online shopping.

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