Our Team

Amy Ebbeka


Like an air traffic controller, Amy is in charge of many tasks at any given moment in time. Between attending networking events, helping non-profits, responding to emails and coordinating projects, she is also keeping the entire staff on the correct path to complete their projects to her insanely high expectations. Clients love her. She’s easy-going, determined, honest, and full of an embarrassing amount of pop culture knowledge. She’s the main gear that keeps this machine ticking along as precise as a watch.

Bob Ebbeka


Bob had the crazy idea of leaving his design job and taking everything he knew to start the business 16 years ago. This proved to be a good decision—at least a better decision than his constant eating of cheese while being lactose intolerant. Not only is Bob the guy who keeps the business operating, he also handles the video and photography services. His desire to always be learning keeps him on the the forefront of new technology. Bob is also the guy in the office who can walk by a computer and instantly see a design element one pixel out of place. He is usually challenged on the matter but in the end, he is always right.

Cameron Christensen


Cameron is the guy in the office that keeps the place full of fun and laughter. If there is a punchline in the office, trust me, he is it. Combine the sarcastic attitude of a middle-schooler with the professionalism of a seasoned banker and mix it all together that’s Cameron. His desire to always be providing amazing customer service to our clients makes him a key player on our team.

Philip Rogers


The man, the myth, the legend… Phil is one of those guys that can walk down the street and have no less than 20 different people stop to talk to him or yell his name from across the way. He has been around the block a few times in the circles of web programming and its more than evident he knows his stuff. Most of his sentences contain the words, HTML, CSS, PHP, and  Javascript. He sometimes leaves a confused look on his audience, but don’t worry, Phil has it all under control.

John Kimmel


Gandalf the Great, John the Elder, The Old Man of the Keyboard… that’s John, and he’s been called them all. He may be the second oldest member of our team, but his ideas and energy match that of a 15 year old gamer on his 7th Red Bull. This may have something to do with his 20+ years experience in the design biz and the 20+ Mill Coffee Granitas he drinks everyday. If you want to know what makes him so special, imagine trying to fit that square peg into that round hole—John is the guy who can do it. His approach to solving difficult design problems is second to none.

John Klopping


Klopping, That’s what we call him, because saying the name “John” to get his attention only confuses him and the other John, so Klopping is it. Klopping has a few years experience under his belt as well as a whole bunch of rock climbing gear. Maybe that’s why his creative process is like watching someone climbing a daunting rock wall—methodically choosing each move to reach the top. Klopping executes it perfectly, with attention to every detail, every move, precise perfection… and that hair, oh. that beautiful hair. He is the root of jealousy for many early stage balding men in town.

Denon Feagin


Seeing him outside holding a sign, “will do graphic design for food”, we took him up on his offer. Right away we could tell he was worth far more than a hot dog, so we asked him to be part of the team. Denon (Den-in) is a graduate from the Graphic Design and Media Arts program at SCC and is originally from Columbus, Nebraska. When he is not downing his third cup of reheated coffee, he can be found re-watching The Office for the 50th time, or silently judging those who wear shorts in the winter. Which is ironic since his first client here is a clothing company that specializes in stylish summer looking winter wear.