Our Team

Amy Ebbeka


Like an air traffic controller, Amy is in charge of many tasks at any given moment in time. Between attending networking events, helping non-profits, responding to emails and coordinating projects, she is also keeping the entire staff on the correct path to complete their projects to her insanely high expectations. Clients love her. She’s easy-going, determined, honest, and full of an embarrassing amount of pop culture knowledge.

Bob Ebbeka


Over two decades ago, Bob had the crazy idea of leaving his design job and taking everything he knew to start Ebbeka Design Co. This proved to be a good decision—at least a better decision than his constant eating of cheese while being lactose intolerant. Not only is Bob the guy who keeps the business operating, he also handles the video and photography services. His desire to always be learning keeps him at the forefront of new technology. Bob is also the guy in the office who can walk by a computer and instantly see a design element one pixel out of place. He is usually challenged on the matter but in the end, he is always right.

Lindsey Deitering


A part-time writer and full-time spaniel-wrangler, Lindsey brings an organizational focus that fits nicely into our specific brand of nonsense. Hailing from a tiny town somewhere in the wilds of Eastern Nebraska, she enjoys British television, paddle-boarding, and jazz music. Which places her squarely in the middle of a bizarre Venn diagram of Billie Holiday, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Keanu Reeves from Point Break. In other words, she fits in perfectly.

Shelby Krueger


An aspiring astronaut, and connoisseur of nachos, Shelby won the Daytona 500 and then raced right over and won Bob and Amy’s hearts. She has a colorful personality, and will laugh at any joke meant for a middle schooler—but is really bad at telling any jokes of her own. Shelby’s favorite pastimes are threatening to fight people—without any fighting experience of her own—and consistently going 10 MPH over the speed limit. She loves music, thunderstorms, cars, all dogs to have ever existed, red velvet cheesecake, and coffee.

David Harnly


Born on the mean streets of Lincoln, and raised in bars and taverns around the city, David has stepped into the daylight after 2-plus decades as a bartender and bar manager. A pop-culture connoisseur, sports hot-taker, and amiable snob, David aspires to one day become a drunken English soccer hooligan. He also has a cat. They don’t like each other.

Kristen Labadie


Armed with not one, but two degrees (Graphic Design and Public Relations) Kristen is our resident ambitious problem-solver. She carries two scrunchies with her at all times and has a curious affinity for the gym. In her off hours, you can usually find Kristen working out, napping, or unintentionally killing any of the several plants that are slowly taking over her home.

Nick Ebbeka


An avid skater, and renowned tree-kicker, Nick appears to have been forcibly compelled into employment by his parents. A creative young man, Nick plays both the guitar and the bass and has a knack for artistic endeavors, so he fits in well around the office. And as a teenager, he remains tired, constantly hungry, and mildly grumpy… so he also fits in well around the office.

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